6 Fascinating Valet Parking Facts That You Might Not Know Yet

Car owners are always happy to hand over their keys to valets and tip them when they return their cars. This happens every day, especially in traffic clogged cities across the country. But what is the real story behind valet parking? Is there more than what meets the eye? Certainly yes. Here’s a list of fun facts about valet parking that even some of the most experienced valets may not know.


Herb Citron is an industry legend

Mention the name ‘Herb Citron’ to any valet today and you will most likely hear the valet say that Herb was the first valet. That’s of course, true. But that’s not all. Herb was a one of a kind valet who managed to make a decent amount of money doing something most people at the time brushed off as unnecessary. It wasn’t long before people started appreciating his services. By 1950, Los Angeles, where he hailed from, had more than a million cars.

Being the only valet around, it wasn’t long before became a hot cake. He is considered by many as ‘the father of valet parking’. Now is his late 80s, Herb Citron is a millionaire. He first worked at Lawry’s Prime Rib Restaurant in 1946. His outfit, a trademark red jacket and a bowtie charmed nearly all customers he interacted with. By 1955 his valet parking service in L.A has already become a huge success. His company was, in fact, the first valet company to be recognized as such.

Successful celebrities were once valets

Will Ferell is one of these celebrities. The job is after all, as good as any other. If anything, valets get to drive the fanciest cars in town, talk to the most influential people in the country and enjoy lucrative tips. But that is not everything when it comes to the thin line that separates valets and celebrities. Celebrities like Usher, Outkast and T-Pain happen to be regular parkers at Lenox Square. No one knows for sure if they charge a service for parking cars or they just do it for fun. Whatever the case, be good to your valet. The valet can end up being a star or could already be one… just having a good time serving you!

The average tip for valet services is $3

Take time to tip your valet well. Then while at it, make sure you tip more than $3. That way, you will have done something to increase the average tip which stands at $3 at the moment. This has been reflected in several surveys conducted countrywide at different time intervals. The lowest tip lies at $1.

9 out of 10 valets happen to be good drivers

Forget about the valet who damaged your car. Such cases happen every once in a while. But over and beyond such experiences, have you ever thought of the number of cars valets get to drive daily? No doubt you have. Valets drive the most expensive cars in town, value priced ones and of course, the cheapest ones. They also drive both manual transmission and automatic cars. Such kind of experience driving everyday can only make one better. Strangely, most people still find it hard to completely trust valets with their cars.

Valets are pretty fit

Nearly all valet parking companies today require that their valets must be fit. They include rigorous fitness tests during training to achieve this purpose. Dashing up and down stair cases and running around a building in less than 5 minutes happen to be the most common fitness tests done by valets.

Women hardly apply for valet jobs

Women simply don’t apply for valet parking jobs. No one knows why. This would have been easy to understand ten years ago when valet parking was dominated by men. Strangely, even after studies have revealed that there are better female valets than their male counterparts, women are yet to show enthusiast for valet parking as much as their male counterparts do.

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