9 Rules To Follow When It Comes To Tipping The Valet Parking Attendant


Today, it is customary to tip various types of service personnel in certain situations. For example, if a waiter is very polite, he moves fast and takes great care of the dining guests at the table then he might be tipped accordingly by his customers. The situation is very similar when it comes to valet parking attendants.

However, how much should you tip a valet parking attendant? When the best moment to tip a valet is? If you have these questions and you don’t seem to wrap your head around them then here are several interesting tips related to tipping valet parking attendants.

Do not tip if you don’t like the service

Although most drivers tip the valet parking attendant, it is very important for one to refrain from tipping if the valet service was poor. For example, if the vehicle wasn’t brought out on time, especially if the venue is not crowded, or the valet had an impolite attitude then a driver shouldn’t tip. The rule of thumb is that tipping is optional and it should only be done if the valet offers satisfactory services.

Don’t tip excessively

Drivers should tip from $1 to $5, depending on their preferences or the quality of the service. Tipping less than $1 is not really a good idea as it is really too low and can appear insincere. Tipping more is not wise either as the average tip for valet parking services is $4 or $5. If the parking attendant has displayed exemplarity then some customers might tip more than the average rates.

One should tip regardless whether there is a parking price or not

It doesn’t really matter if a customer needs to pay a fee in order to park in a particular parking lot or the parking spaces are completely free. The tipping guidelines remain the same. Basically, when a driver tips, he shows his gratitude for a fast and quality service and this has nothing to do with the parking space.

It is alright to tip upon drop-off and pickup

A lot of drivers tend to tip the valet when the vehicle is taken to the parking lot as well as when the vehicle is brought back from the parking lot. This is also known as “drop-off” and “pickup”. However, there are no rules in this case. One can tip upon drop-off only, upon pickup only, in both cases or not at all, depending on his preferences.

You don’t have to tip all the times

There are clients who come and go to a certain hotel more than a few times a day. Although it is fine to tip a valet multiple times in the same day, one shouldn’t feel obliged to do so every time he hands the keys to the valet or gets them back. For example, a client might want to tip the valet every two departures.

Tip more if you are helped with the luggage

If the valet helps a driver with other services or tasks then he is entitled to a more generous tip in this case. For example, if the valet is courteous enough to help with the luggage then the driver should tip him a couple bucks more than usual. Similarly, if the driver asks for a certain parking spot or he has various inquiries regarding where his vehicle should be parked then he should tip the valet more.

Tip more if you need the services of the parking attendant more

In some cases, a lot of clients forget something in their vehicles and this might happen several times a day or several times during a hotel stay. In this case, the valet parking attendant needs to bring the car back from the parking lot more than often because of a client’s negligence and obviously, he is entitled to a more generous tip. The client who usually forgets something or needs the vehicle back on a regular basis for various reasons should tip the valet parking attendant more.

Tip more if the valet parking attendant reacts accordingly to special needs

If a customer has a special needs passenger in his vehicle and the valet staff is tactful enough to help tremendously in such a situation then the driver should tip him. Basically, every single kind gesture should be repaid by tipping a couple dollars more than usual, you are showing your appreciation accordingly.

Make sure that you have small bills with you

When visiting hotels or restaurants where valet parking services are offered, it is a good idea to have several small bills in the wallet in order to tip the valets. Also, if you wish, you can also offer a $10 bill to the valet and ask for small change back.

Do note that while it is customary to tip valet parking services, it is ultimately up to your discretion whether if there is a need for tipping. A reputable valet company in Miami would have trained their staff to deliver the best services, regardless of whether the customer is tipping them or not.