Emerging Trends In Valet Parking At A Glance

It is hard to run some facilities or organize some events without setting aside a significant amount of your budget for valet parking services. How else will your guests find parking spaces with ease? That fact aside, valet parking is changing for the better by the day. Gone are the days when valets could only wait for cars, park them and call it a day. Their roles are diversified beyond just parking today. But that’s not what makes valet parking unique as at now. Specialization stands out as one single trend that has penetrated into the valet parking industry and caused an undeniable ripple effect. Read on to learn more.

Airports, resorts, casinos and hotels al need valet operations for their guests. There is simply need for valets almost everywhere. That explains why operators are today customizing their approaches. The aim is to ensure that each client leaves with a positive experience. The most competent Miami valet parking companies are now creating customized operating profiles at venues that matter the most to them. Staffing, geography and revenue control are just but some of the areas that most companies have identified as crucial for purposes of improving client experience.


No company today can survive anywhere without embracing technology. It is the same in valet operations. Valet operators today simply need advanced control mechanisms to easily accommodate visitors, guests, repeat customers, large staff numbers and complicated rate schedules. That explains where there are several mobile phone applications today customized for different valet functions. Hotels now use advanced hotel management systems that caters for nearly all the vital processes such as valet parking and room booking. Guests can use their room pass cards or keys to keep track for their cars. The systems also make billing easy.

Player cards

They are mostly given to guests at hotels and casinos. The cards are designed to provide guests with incentives and loyalty points. That’s not everything though. Once one has the card, waiting in line for a valet to come around becomes past tense. That’s because the card has your car’s VIN number which is fed into the hotel or casino valet management system. The system detects your VIN immediately you enter the casino or hotel premises. Valets are then notified of your presence immediately via their phones.

Residential valet parking


Cards are also used here. This applies mostly to private residences with multi-use parking facilities. The card makes it easy to distinguish visitors from residents. It also makes it easy for one to calculate parking fees. As soon as a resident with the card arrives, the system detects the VIN number and provides the resident with access.

Automated systems

Two or three years ago, valets could have a hard time where more guests suddenly arrive at a venue. This hardly happens today. Most valet parking companies use advanced valet parking systems to observe claims, manage payrolls, create reports and make programming adjustments.

Airport technology

Any valet working at an airport will tell you for a fact that retrieving a vehicle parked anywhere in an airport is always an uphill task. Fortunately, this kind of challenge is slowly getting phased out, thanks to emerging valet parking technologies for airports. There are several applications and systems today that make the process of dropping off and retrieving a vehicle quick and straightforward. The systems make it possible for valet operators to organize and keep pace with air travelers. Parking at the airport therefore becomes easy because one knows that retrieving his or her car will take a short time. This is something that was unheard of five years ago, especially in most international airports.