How To Choose A Quality Valet Service In Miami

Today, if you are like many others, you might be complaining that parking your car in Miami can be quite a challenge due to the lack of sufficient parking lots. And some also feel that finding a quality valet service in Miami for an event can be an uphill task. This is primarily because everyone wants to look for a valet company with a good reputation and solid services but often get substandard services instead. Now, if you keep the following tips in mind, you can find it easier to choose a valet service in Miami:

Can the valet parking service accommodate all the guests?


You must ensure that the valet parking service you are considering can accommodate all the guests in a perfect manner. Generally, the average arrival time of guests is estimated to be one guest per minute. This means that there should be sufficient parking attendants to meet this need. The gurus of parking management services recommend having one parking attendant for every ten guests coming for the evening. This means that if you are hosting a gathering of sixty people, you must have at least six valet parking attendants to serve your guests. This is the only way to have an efficient valet parking experience.

A professional valet parking service comprise of welcoming the guests, taking their keys , parking their vehicles, marking the respective keys and then returning to the waiting area. Obviously you would need additional valet parking attendants because there is a possibility that more than one guest arrive at one time. Therefore, it is very important that when hiring a valet parking company, you must ask them to provide adequate attendants to make the guest as much comfortable as possible. Being the host of a function, it is your prime responsibility to honor your guests.

Check for insurance before making an agreement

When making an agreement with any of the valet parking service in Miami, you must check whether the company is bonded and equipped with insurance or not. Furthermore, you must also check the documentations related to workman’s compensation, garage keeper’s general and legal liability and security bond. Keep in mind the word, ‘negligent’.

Despite the fact that the valet operator has insurance coverage, in the event of a claim, if it is found that the valet company was negligent while performing its duty, the insurance carrier can easily deny the claim and the company or the person hiring the valet company will be sued. The most common examples of negligence include intoxicated or unlicensed drivers, drivers who are unauthorized for employment or any sort of operations where the permits were not obtained.

Check the local police permit before signing a contract

There are many individuals who do not pay much attention to the local police permit, and this is certainly not the right approach. There is no need to be hesitant in asking a valet parking company to show their Police Permit when you ask them for a quote. This permit signifies that the company is reputable and reliable at the same time. In case you feel that the contractor is not willing to show you the permit, consider it as a ‘red flag’ and start looking for some other valet services in town.

Trained valet staff is important

When you are hosting an event, the valet parking attendant will be the first person your guests will meet. Therefore, you must ensure that the valet parking company has a well trained staff on board. Special emphasis must be laid on the appearance of the valet staff and how they interact with your guests. This can be really critical if you are arranging a corporate meeting. The valet attendants must know how to communicate with the guests in a professional manner. They must know how to ‘look’ professional as well. It is very important that you always look for a company that is known for its outstanding customer service and employs friendly attendants.

References are equally important

If you are new in town or you have never availed the valet parking service, you might be a bit confused about where to start. This is quite common and nothing to be ashamed of. Under such a situation, you can ask your friends and relatives who have availed this service before to recommend a reliable company to you. If this is not possible, you can also ask the valet parking companies to show you a list of their past clients along with their contact details. You can contact on the numbers provided and check if they were happy with the service provided by a specific company. The customers’ reviews are very important because they are unbiased.

Pay attention to appearance

You must ensure that valet parking attendants are wearing neat and clean uniforms and they should comply with your event. They must be wearing suits if there is a formal event while casual attire can still work for prom nights or birthday parties.

The above mentioned tips are not hard to follow at all. They are pretty simple but can result in a great impact on your event if you keep them in your mind. Once you are careful in the decision making, you will surely find a reputable valet parking company in town that can really make your event a successful one.