How to Plan the Perfect Event

Planning an event can often be a stressful and time consuming process. There are so many things that you will have to think about in order to make sure that every tiny detail has been properly organized. This article provides some simple tips that will help you to plan a great event in no time at all.



A great place to start is with the guestlist. You can write down the names of all the people that you would like to invite to your event. Don’t forget to include additional space for guests if you are allowing your party goers to bring along a partner or friend. The guestlist will help to give you an indication as to the amount of space that you will require.


The next step is to think about the venue. If it is a small event then you may want to think about holding the event in your own home. If you require a larger venue then you can think about hiring something bigger, such as a restaurant or a hall which can cater for your guests. You will want to ensure that the venue is large enough to accommodate all of the guests that you are inviting.



Another thing to consider is the catering. If you are planning on having a sit down meal then you will need to hire a special catering team who will be able to create a meal plan for you, as well as prepare, cook and serve the food to your guests. You can also have butlers serve up an array of beverages to your guests.



Decorations will help to create a lovely ambience in your venue. You can choose matching or similar decorations in order to create a more uniform look. Some of the different types of decorations can include candles, banners, bunting, balloons and table decorations. You should try and decorate your event in such a way that it complements the existing decor of the venue.


A full valet team will be sure to give your guests the right first impression. You can position a professional valet team at the entrance of your event so that they will be able to safely park your guest’s cars, saving them the hassle of doing it themselves. A valet team will also prevent your venue entrance from becoming blocked up with cars.



If you are hosting a large event, or you have a number of important guests then you may also want to consider hiring a full security team. They will be able to check that only invited guests are allowed entry, while also deterring any gatecrashers from your event.


Once you have decided on a date you are ready to create and send out the invitations to your guests. Be sure to include a RSVP on the invitation so you know how many people will be able to come to the event. Follow the above steps and you are well on your way to hosting a successful event. Good luck!