What Happens When A Valet Mishandles Your Car?

What happens to your vehicle after you have turned the keys over to the valet? If you have ever found damages to your vehicle after allowing a valet to park it, you know it will take long before you get the basic information required to file claims. Though this is a rare occurrence, the possibility of this happening may need you to think ahead at times. Furthermore, it might prove extremely difficult to even prove it was the valet who caused the damage. So the question that arises is ‘who is liable for damages a valet has caused to your vehicle?’ Furthermore, how do you make claims on the damage? read more

The Smart Way To Use Valet Service

Using the valet services in Miami can be very convenient. They add an element of safety to your car when you out at night. And most of the time, everything goes perfectly. The key phrase here is most of the time because at times, things go wrong. For instance, things go missing from the car or car keys get lost. As much as valet services are convenient, there are additional steps you can take to ensure that such services work even better for you.

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Remove valuable items from the car

Even the garage door opener in your car is valuable as it can be used for burglary purposes. Any other valuable item you can think of should be removed from the car before you can valet your car. This is because there are chances that you might forget to lock one car door. Or might be in a neighborhood where car windows get smashed. Whatever the case, it’s important to remove valuables that can be stolen. read more

4 Questions About Valet Parking That Might Have Never Crossed Your Mind

When planning an event in Miami, do you ever give much thought to parking? Most of the time spent planning probably goes to getting the details right and making sure everything that will be needed is available. Planning for parking is equally important. However, all this planning effort can go down the drain if your guests have a hard time parking their cars, especially if there is limited parking space in the venue. Can you imagine your guests having to drive around before they find a suitable parking spot? Makes a bad impression, doesn’t it? Besides, it means that they will probably run a little late to the event. read more

Top Tips To Organize A Flawless Event This Year

Valet parking service is becoming more popular and common nowadays, given its quick and convenient nature. Most of the planning for events and outings can be made a lot easier if you hire yourself a valet service, simply because they remove the hassle of finding an appropriate and safe parking spot for your car in crowded places. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the top tips on how you can manage your events which includes the use of valet parking services.

Think about the age group to be invited read more

How To Keep Things Amicable With Your Valet Parking Attendants

Valet parking attendants are typically nice people – they will make a strong effort to take care of your car which is most likely to be one of your most expensive possessions in life. However, many people take the smile of valet attendants to their advantage by being rude and unfriendly to them, which is only going to cause the valet attendants to return the gesture with a bad service.

For those who have already burnt bridges with their valet attendants before, and for those who were on the edge of making that painful mistake, here are some tips. We are going to share with you what some valet attendants think, as the customers should know. These are certainly some of the essential tips to help you get the best experience out of a valet parking service. read more

The Most Common Fears When It Comes To Valet Parking

Are you the person who becomes anxious when you hear about valet parking? Are you afraid of attending weddings which have valet parking services offered? Is it your first time to use a valet service? We all have fears in many things and it is okay to have fears in the use of valet services. These services are not exempted from fears. These are the common fears which clients have when they want to use a valet parking service:


Fear of theft

Are you worried that your vehicle might be stolen or damaged by a valet attendant? Perhaps you do. Many people are not sure whether their cars will be safe when parked in a valet park. They always have this worry that they may be victims of theft. This is common for people who have just bought new cars. You don’t want your luxury car to be stolen and so what you do is avoid valet parks. read more

3 Ways To Get More Guests To Attend Your Corporate Dinner

Are you a corporate planner who wonders where all the events that you organize experience low turnout of guests? Are you losing your clients in the corporate world because you don’t meet their expectations? You can change this and have many people attend your next dinner.

Corporate dinners are not everybody’s favorite events and if you just plan things the ordinary way, the guests will not attend. You can end up having 50 guests when expecting more than 200. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Here are 3 ways that you can do to have a well-attended corporate dinner: read more

Quick Tips For First Timers Using Valet Parking Services

Although valet parking service is getting quite common these days, there are still many people who have not availed a valet service before. When they arrive at a place where this type of service is available, they have no idea what to do and how to proceed. There might be many questions that whirl up in their minds. For instance, they might not know whether to wait for the valet to come over or whether to get out of car. Also, whether to leave the car running or give the valet the keys is another question that they might have. read more

How To Choose A Quality Valet Service In Miami

Today, if you are like many others, you might be complaining that parking your car in Miami can be quite a challenge due to the lack of sufficient parking lots. And some also feel that finding a quality valet service in Miami for an event can be an uphill task. This is primarily because everyone wants to look for a valet company with a good reputation and solid services but often get substandard services instead. Now, if you keep the following tips in mind, you can find it easier to choose a valet service in Miami: read more

Getting The Best Mobile Valet Service For Your Car?

However much you like your car, there will always come the time to sell it. When this moment arrives, you need to make sure that your car is presented in the best possible condition to attract the best price from a potential buyer. As you know if you present your car as an overfilled mobile ashtray, however good the mechanical condition of the car maybe, the clear lack of care for your vehicle will certainly reduce its sale value and you can lose a considerable amount of money simply because you appear to not care for it. read more