Quick Tips For First Timers Using Valet Parking Services

Although valet parking service is getting quite common these days, there are still many people who have not availed a valet service before. When they arrive at a place where this type of service is available, they have no idea what to do and how to proceed. There might be many questions that whirl up in their minds. For instance, they might not know whether to wait for the valet to come over or whether to get out of car. Also, whether to leave the car running or give the valet the keys is another question that they might have.

Well, nobody will teach you how to use valet parking service unless you learn about it on your own accord, and there are many people who feel lost when they avail the service for the first time. Here are some tips on using valet parking services for the first time without feeling like a lost duck.

Keep your car clean

If you even have a slight idea that you will be using valet service for an upcoming evening party, it is best that you clean your car up. You do not have to get the full service done but getting it washed and removing all the wrappers from the backseat sounds a good idea. By doing so, you will not feel embarrassed when you hand over the key to the valet parking attendant.

Keep some cash on hand


Although giving a tip to the parking attendant is not mandatory but it is considered to be a good gesture when you do so. Rather finding on the spot that you forgot your wallet at home or do not have any spare cash for the tip, make sure you leave the home fully prepared. Even if you can tip with your card, it is always considered nice when you pay cash.

Remain attentive

The vehicle drop-off zone moves very fast and therefore you have to act quick. The valets have a very efficient system so that people can easily pick up or drop off their cars easily and quickly. Therefore you must remain alert when valet direct the traffic and follow their lead.

You are responsible for your valuables

Usually, it is better not to keep any valuable items in your car when you are using valet parking service. However if you still have some expensive items in the car, you can simply tuck them away so that they are out of sight. Although most of the valets are trustworthy and honest, you never know when an unfortunate incident might happen.

Retrieve the items you might need for the event

Before you leave the car and hand it over to the valet, you should retrieve all the items that you may need for the evening. For example, for those who have infants with them, make sure that you have retrieved all the necessities to accommodate your baby. Although the valet can go to your car and get these things for you, it would be better if you pay him some extra tip for this service. You can save this extra money by just being a bit more conscious.

You can leave your car running

You do not have to turn off your car when the valet arrives. Simply park it and leave it running. You must keep in mind that things move pretty quickly at the drop-off zone. When you turn off your car’s engine and hand over the keys to the valet, you basically slow down the entire process.

Should you wait for the valet to open the door?

Whether the valet will open the door for you or not is dependent on a few factors. If the valet service is being offered at a corporate meeting in a high end hotel, then you can expect the valet to open the door for you. If it is an informal gathering where you are going, such as an exhibition or an art festival, then the mood might be more casual so this service might not be required. Therefore, you can just get out of your car and let the valet take over.

Well, there are times when you can expect a white glove treatment especially when you have a female passenger with you. The valet will not only open the door for her but will also assist her in getting out of the car. You can then sit in the car and wait for him or another valet to open the door for you. However, if you find this waiting period to be silly, you can easily get out of the car while your female passenger is being assisted. Also, remember to stay with your car until the time you have been issued a ticket which you can use to claim your vehicle later.