Sound Parking Management Is All About Smart Parking Operations!

In busy cities, it is almost impossible to drive your car everywhere. At the same time, if it weren’t for vehicles, what would you do? People have to deal with difficult to crack parking problems in busy areas. To start with, find the right parking spot is almost impossible, and if you find one, it might be time restricted and hence turning to be quite expensive in the long run. But whichever the case, finding the right parking spot is necessary if you are to perform business in town. Fortunately, valet parking management in Miami is all about smart parking operations.

Why utilize an intelligent valet management system?


Intelligent parking management systems used by valet service providers today automate the parking functions by offering solutions such as slot management, parking guidance, automated valet parking, surveillance e, security, permit management, parking enforcement, revenue management, access control, and much more.

The best of these systems enable parking site operators, such as valets, to offer their clients different parking conveniences such as pre-booking parking spots, enhanced vehicle security, cashless payment options and reduced time wastage. According to industry data, usage of the right parking management system prevents up to 40% of traffic congestion in a parking lot. In simple terms, these systems are helpful in that they help make parking operations smooth, and also keep things in order.

Can a parking service provider handle everything on his own?

As a matter of fact, no he can’t. Parking management is usually a difficult job, in particular where you are dealing with a large lot. There are tens upon tens of vehicles coming and going at all times. This means that you will need to be able to effectively direct all the valets, sometimes even individual car owners to where they can park.

Should you have some security guards patrolling the lot?

Apart from having a good parking management system, it is also recommended to hire the services of a reputable security service to help keep an eye on all those parked cars for their safety. Otherwise, you might have some crooked people trying to break into them and then vandalizing them or the lot itself, or even assaulting your clients and employees. Having a good security service allows you to worry about the parking issues while a dedicated person handles all matters related to the safety of the people parking in your lot and the security of their cars.

Valet parking problems

For a parking management system to work, there a number of things that needs to be kept in mind so as to make certain of a smooth operation. To start with, the service provider must ensure that all the keys of the cars being parked are safely kept or secured. It has happened before where a client came and gave his or her ticket to get the car only to be told that the keys can’t be found. Not only is this embarrassing, it end ups ruining the service provider’s reputation. Worst of all, the valet service provider might be held liable for it.

Or there might be an occasional thief who will try to take some keys when no one is looking, get into any parked car and just drive away with it. Maybe you didn’t see it happening because you were busy coordinating other areas in the parking lot. By time you realize what really happened, it might be too late. The only way to prevent this is by being proactive and having the right parking management system. And while at it, make sure to keep the area with valet keys locked and secure or better still, have a security guard watch over them.