The Most Common Fears When It Comes To Valet Parking

Are you the person who becomes anxious when you hear about valet parking? Are you afraid of attending weddings which have valet parking services offered? Is it your first time to use a valet service? We all have fears in many things and it is okay to have fears in the use of valet services. These services are not exempted from fears. These are the common fears which clients have when they want to use a valet parking service:


Fear of theft

Are you worried that your vehicle might be stolen or damaged by a valet attendant? Perhaps you do. Many people are not sure whether their cars will be safe when parked in a valet park. They always have this worry that they may be victims of theft. This is common for people who have just bought new cars. You don’t want your luxury car to be stolen and so what you do is avoid valet parks.

There are other people who fear that valet attendants might steal the items in their cars or their cars may disappear. If it is your first car, the chances of you having this fear are high. You keep thinking of what would happen if your car was stolen by a valet attendant. You cannot imagine having to borrow your grandmother’s car every weekend just because yours disappeared mysteriously in a valet park.

Well, these are just irrational fears. You should be assured that your car will be safe and everything else that is inside it. Valet attendants are professionals and this is what they do for a living. The same way that you trust your family doctor should be the same that you trust the attendant. They are both experts in their fields, aren’t they? There is no valet driver who wants to have accusations of theft.

Remember, valet companies are insured and if your car is damaged accidentally by a valet driver, it is covered by the insurance company.

Fear of your car taken for a joyride by the valets

Many people develop fears that their vehicles may be victims of valet joyrides. You imagine that the valet driver may decide to just drive your newly bought car in the streets of the city just to know how it feels to drive such a luxurious car.

This fear might have been contributed by the many series and movies that we watch. If you have watched “Ferris Bueller’s day off” then you can relate your fear to the movie. We imagine that what we see in the movies could happen to us. You might have seen a movie where the valet driver takes a client’s car for a joyride and comes back without being noticed and think that the same might happen to yours.

You don’t have to fear because this will not happen. That is just fiction and it does not reflect what happens in the actual valet parks. First, the law does not allow or tolerate such acts. Taking a client’s car for a joyride is a crime which is punishable by law.

Secondly, and most importantly, valet companies operate with respect, integrity and honor. They are dedicated to serving their customers well and you should never at any time doubt their service delivery.

Fear of your vehicle being judged poorly

Do you have this fear that your vehicle will not be handled well by a valet driver because it is old? Are you attending an event that has many guests coming and you fear that the attendants will not appreciate your vehicle simply because it is not of a modern model? Perhaps you are. This is a common fear to many people when they think of using a valet park.

Many people are not comfortable with the appearance of their vehicles and they fear that the valet attendants will judge their vehicles based on their outward appearances. They imagine that their vehicles will be left somewhere in the valet park because there are other modern vehicles in the park to attend to.

This is never the case. All vehicles are attended to equally by attendants. It’s not the drivers’ work to know whether your vehicle is beautiful or not. They do their duty effectively and sometimes they don’t even notice what model a car is. While you are busy thinking about how your car is being judged poorly, the attendants don’t even notice how it looks.

If you have this fear, you can take your car to be cleaned at a car wash just to get it out of your mind. You can even show that you care about your vehicles by spraying it with a freshener. You can even have it repainted once in a year. Do whatever you can to get this fear out of your head. You might be the problem and not the valet attendant!