The Proper Way For Utilizing A Valet Service

One of your buddies is having a big event at a classy hotel, but when you stop at the drop-zone, you discover that you have no clue on the next step or what to do. Do you leave the car running or give the keys to the guy parking the other cars? Do you get right out of the vehicle or wait for the valet to come over? Who do you tip- the valet parking your car or the one bringing it back? Like you, most people who find themselves in this situation get really flustered and awkward. Unfortunately, nobody will ever teach you how to utilize parking valet services in Miami. Here’s the correct way to use a valet parking service:

Tidy up the vehicle well in advance


It is recommended that you clean up your vehicle a little bit before driving it to places that offer valet service. While it doesn’t have to be a complete wash and wax service, a good clean up is a great idea to make your car less embarrassing when handing over the keys.

Hard cash is always better for tips

You really don’t to drive up to where the valet is only to discover that you have no cash on you. While you can use your card to tip, a cash tip is always the better way to go. If you discover you have no cash on you, simply drive and park the car yourself. This is better than being the ungrateful guest who realizing he doesn’t have cash on him simply drives away with a mere thanking you. You got to show more appreciation by offering hard cash to the valet handing your car.

Pay attention when dropping off the vehicle

As it is, things move real quickly at the drop off zones. Valets in most cases have efficient systems in place to help the guests easily drop off and then pick up their vehicles. As such, ensure to make things easier for the valets for efficiency sake. Follow the lead of the valet directing traffic. Drive into the drop off zone slowly, safely and in the correct direction.

Should you wait for the valet to open the door for you?

Whether to hang around until the valet has opened the door for you or not depends on a number of things. For valet services provided at high-end restaurants or hotels, there is always a valet who comes and opens the door for the clients. For less formal settings, for instance an art exhibitions, expect to not get this kind of a service.

Inform the valet of your car’s quirks where necessary. Some vehicles have touchy alarm systems or tricky doors. In this case, let the valet know. He or she will appreciate this information. After all, you don’t really want to waste a valet’s time as there might be other cars in the line also waiting to be parked.

Get your ticket and tip the valet

Ensure to obtain your claim ticket from the managing valet and put it in a secure place for use later. And while at it, think about giving a tip to the valet who takes the vehicle from you.

All in all, it’s isn’t difficult to use a valet parking service. From taking good care of your valet ticket to tipping the valet who has done a good job, these are all easy tips to follow. Remember that when you treat valets right, you will receive a stellar service in return. Even though you think that the valets have to have a service mind when they park your car, a little kindness in treating everyone right will benefit you back always.