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Four Cars That Are Small in Stature but Big in Personality


I have previously introduced people to large cars and the luxury they can provide, but recently I have been considering if these large cars are practical in a city, where parking is at a premium. Because of this I have been looking at cars that would be perfect as small run-arounds and a parking lot dream. Here are the ones that I decided I would buy if I wanted a packet sized motor with a personality.

The Original Mini

I will start here as I have actually owned one of these, and loved every minute I had it. The modern day equivalent of the Mini is a huge car when parked alongside its older brother, and I find the name a bit irritating. The Mini I owned was a Cooper Sport, and was akin to driving a wasp. You could put it anywhere and at speed that felt incredible. If you have driven a dodgem car then you will know what driving one of these minis is like. It is no wonder that this car became such an icon, and that they are still so popular today. read more