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5 Awesome Ideas For Throwing A Hollywood Themed Party For Your Tween


Are you planning to throw a gorgeous Hollywood themed party for your tween son or daughter? We have five super ideas that will help you transform your party from fine to fabulous. Since Oscar season recently ended, we’re going to show you how to capture the mood and throw an incredible party that your tween will never forget.

Idea #1. Set A Black-Tie Dress Code

No Hollywood party would be complete without a touch of glamour from the guests. Buy some luminous nametags from an office supply store and use them as invitations as though they were VIP backstage all-access passes. Ask all of the guests to wear black tie attire to the party. This includes gowns or full length dresses for the girls and tuxedoes or smart suits for the guys. For an added touch, you could ask your guests to style themselves after a certain celebrity. read more