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Top Valet Equipment You Might Need For Your Parking Service

If you own a hotel or a restaurant, a clinic or a hospital, a banquette hall etc., there will definitely be an increase in demand among your customers for a reliable parking service. People usually face a lot of problems while parking in such areas. Providing complimentary valet services is considered to be a kind gesture and can help you maintain a good reputation for your establishment.

By offering valet parking facility, you will see that more customers are attracted for your good customer care. Establishing a good and reliable valet services for your customers or clients can save their valuable time by preventing them from stress and hassles of finding a parking spot. This also ensures your customers that their car is safe from being picked up from other roadside spots. It further emphasizes that you have got a systematic and satisfying approach in providing parking valet services. read more

Top Valet Parking Etiquette Questions You Should Think About

Nobody teaches you how to use parking valet service, and this makes your first time experience with such services tricky to handle, leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of awkwardness. Some common questions of valet parking etiquettes and manners that come into our minds are discussed here, to make your experience smoother and guilt free.

Valet parking etiquette questions

• Is tipping the valet important?


It is not mandatory for you to tip when you are already paying the service fee, or if your not paying fees at all incase you are offered a complimentary service. However, it is always a customary way to leave a tip that leaves a nice gesture from your side and shows your manners. The rate usually varies from $4- $10 per car. read more