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The Most Common Fears When It Comes To Valet Parking

Are you the person who becomes anxious when you hear about valet parking? Are you afraid of attending weddings which have valet parking services offered? Is it your first time to use a valet service? We all have fears in many things and it is okay to have fears in the use of valet services. These services are not exempted from fears. These are the common fears which clients have when they want to use a valet parking service:


Fear of theft

Are you worried that your vehicle might be stolen or damaged by a valet attendant? Perhaps you do. Many people are not sure whether their cars will be safe when parked in a valet park. They always have this worry that they may be victims of theft. This is common for people who have just bought new cars. You don’t want your luxury car to be stolen and so what you do is avoid valet parks. read more

3 Ways To Get More Guests To Attend Your Corporate Dinner

Are you a corporate planner who wonders where all the events that you organize experience low turnout of guests? Are you losing your clients in the corporate world because you don’t meet their expectations? You can change this and have many people attend your next dinner.

Corporate dinners are not everybody’s favorite events and if you just plan things the ordinary way, the guests will not attend. You can end up having 50 guests when expecting more than 200. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Here are 3 ways that you can do to have a well-attended corporate dinner: read more