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Top Tips To Organize A Flawless Event This Year

Valet parking service is becoming more popular and common nowadays, given its quick and convenient nature. Most of the planning for events and outings can be made a lot easier if you hire yourself a valet service, simply because they remove the hassle of finding an appropriate and safe parking spot for your car in crowded places. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the top tips on how you can manage your events which includes the use of valet parking services.

Think about the age group to be invited read more

How To Keep Things Amicable With Your Valet Parking Attendants

Valet parking attendants are typically nice people – they will make a strong effort to take care of your car which is most likely to be one of your most expensive possessions in life. However, many people take the smile of valet attendants to their advantage by being rude and unfriendly to them, which is only going to cause the valet attendants to return the gesture with a bad service.

For those who have already burnt bridges with their valet attendants before, and for those who were on the edge of making that painful mistake, here are some tips. We are going to share with you what some valet attendants think, as the customers should know. These are certainly some of the essential tips to help you get the best experience out of a valet parking service. read more