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The Smart Way To Use Valet Service

Using the valet services in Miami can be very convenient. They add an element of safety to your car when you out at night. And most of the time, everything goes perfectly. The key phrase here is most of the time because at times, things go wrong. For instance, things go missing from the car or car keys get lost. As much as valet services are convenient, there are additional steps you can take to ensure that such services work even better for you.

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Remove valuable items from the car

Even the garage door opener in your car is valuable as it can be used for burglary purposes. Any other valuable item you can think of should be removed from the car before you can valet your car. This is because there are chances that you might forget to lock one car door. Or might be in a neighborhood where car windows get smashed. Whatever the case, it’s important to remove valuables that can be stolen. read more

4 Questions About Valet Parking That Might Have Never Crossed Your Mind

When planning an event in Miami, do you ever give much thought to parking? Most of the time spent planning probably goes to getting the details right and making sure everything that will be needed is available. Planning for parking is equally important. However, all this planning effort can go down the drain if your guests have a hard time parking their cars, especially if there is limited parking space in the venue. Can you imagine your guests having to drive around before they find a suitable parking spot? Makes a bad impression, doesn’t it? Besides, it means that they will probably run a little late to the event. read more