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3 Most Common Venues Where You Will Find Valet Parking Services

Valet services in Miami are parking services offered by many establishments, including hospitals, restaurants, stores, hotels and other businesses. They are different from ‘self-parking options’, where you have to find parking space on your own. The service may require you to pay a fee or it is offered free of charge by the said establishment. It contributes towards a level of convenience and class to any location or establishment.

Unlike the idea that valet parking is a reserve for the rich, it is slowly occurring that this packing option is not only affordable, but also convenient, especially for city dwellers. The hustle of looking for parking space as well as trying to squeeze your automobile through some parking spaces is given to a company’s service agent, who is accurate and proficient at his job. The 3 most common venues where you will find valet parking services include: read more

What Happens When A Valet Mishandles Your Car?

What happens to your vehicle after you have turned the keys over to the valet? If you have ever found damages to your vehicle after allowing a valet to park it, you know it will take long before you get the basic information required to file claims. Though this is a rare occurrence, the possibility of this happening may need you to think ahead at times. Furthermore, it might prove extremely difficult to even prove it was the valet who caused the damage. So the question that arises is ‘who is liable for damages a valet has caused to your vehicle?’ Furthermore, how do you make claims on the damage? read more