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What Should Be The Standard Size Of A Valet Parking Zone?

It is not easy for any development to determine the appropriate size for a parking lot. It can be quite tricky and that is why you will at times find customers and even employees getting frustrated when they park in the streets. This makes them opt to go elsewhere. Any building that requires a parking lot cannot build it without the specifics on what is appropriate. The amount of space needed for a parking lot is usually guided by specific city codes. The only way you get to apply the formula provided by these city codes is by looking up the land to use. read more

Best Reasons Why You Should Opt For An Insured Valet Parking Company

When you go out to enjoy yourself at a restaurant, the last thing on your mind is whether your car is safe or not in the hands of the valet. Most of us toss our keys to the valet and that is it. We never give a second thought to the disasters that might befall our cars in the care of this stranger.However, valet companies are aware of all this and that is why most are keen to avoid lawsuits that might come as a result of valet negligence and so much more.

An operator, who longs for his business to flourish for longer than just a weekend, ensures that he has a policy that has been designed to cover this kind of thing. Most operators follow the specific rules. Nevertheless, there are a few that decide to fly under the radar and end up ruining a good industry by creating a bad name for it. A valet or parking policy covers general liability, garage keepers’ legal liability and worker’s compensation. read more