Get Customized Valet Services For Your House Party!

You have been planning for a house party for long and everything seems to be going ok. There is always that need to impress our guests and we all want our parties to be the best – the kind that keeps everyone talking about for months. One way of ensuring that your party stands out and guests enjoy themselves to the maximum is by getting the best Miami valet parking service. If you are planning to host very important people in your house party, this is one way of ensuring they get the best valet services.

You can contact an experienced valet parking company and arrange to have a more customized parking experience that will suit your event. These are the key things you need to run a valet parking company to ensure they give you the best services.

Know your valets

Cheap is expensive. You should never hire neighborhood boys to handle your guest’s vehicles. You may think that a valet’s job is just to park cars and anyone with a driving license can do that, right? No, you are wrong. There is a lot that can happen while parking cars and you need to hire professionals who know how to handle these cases when they arise. Before hiring valet parking services, you should ask a series of questions to ensure that they are a right fit for what you are looking for.

Ask whether employees are able to handle manual transmission cars. Do they expect tips or not? This is very important as some guests don’t want to be bothered by giving out tips. Get to know the names of the valets who will be working in your house party to get to know them better. It is very important to check if the valet company is insured against accidents that may occur.

Set rules for valets

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It is important to let the valets know what kind of service you expect from them. You can come with the dos and don’ts to ensure that the valets do not cross their boundaries. Make it clear to them whether it is ok for them to ask for tips or not, and whether or not you want them in your house during the party. You can also request for professional attires. If your party has a theme to it, you can request for valet attires to match your event. Professional valets understand that they do not need to ask for autographs or request for selfies from guests.

Ask for confidentiality

If you expect celebrities to your party, you should ensure that you get absolute confidentiality. You should discuss this with the valets beforehand. Make it clear that you expect no talks about the event to the outside world. There should be no postings of photos on the social media or any talk about the guest list. Such kind of arrangements helps your guests to relax more and they in turn get to enjoy the party without having to check who is watching.

Organize for departure amenities

Valets are usually one of the last people to leave an event because they have to ensure that all guests have their cars delivered before they go. You may be planning to surprise your guests with gifts during their departure. Not all guests leave at the same time as others may stay longer than others. You can arrange with the valets to hand over gifts to the guests as they deliver their cars. This is a good way to surprise your guests. A good valet service relieves you from thinking too much about how your guests are being handled and therefore, you are able to relax and enjoy your own party.