Technology Advancements In The Valet Parking Industry

As the landscape of the industry and consumer needs change, a number of trends in valet parking have come and gone over the years. Technology dominates the conversation when it comes to making parking easier. As technology has advanced in many areas like biology, commerce, and other areas, valet parking has not been left out.  For example, many companies in the country are migrating to online platforms because most of their clients have smartphones these days. Companies have had to reinvent themselves to stay relevant with the ever-changing technological age.

The era of the ticketless valet

Valet Parking

The constant thing in valet parking throughout the years has been the valet parking claim ticket. The ticket, for a long time, has been the oil that kept every valet operation running until now. The ticketless valet system is a new type of technology, where customers do not have to get a hard copy of the ticket. This system has been approved and tested by many valet companies. Let’s look at some of the trends in the ticketless era and how they are used.

Player cards

Player cards are similar to hotel room keys. These cards have a chip that is synced to the valet system that links the car with the driver. If you have a card tucked in your wallet or purse and you come into proximity to the valet management system, an alert will be sent to the valet at the stand. Your car will be retrieved before you ask for it. This means that there is virtually no wait-time and ensures that valet operations are smooth.

The downside to this incredible technology is that if the customer comes too close to the area before he or she is ready to leave, the card will still notify the valet to pull the car around. The customer, therefore, has to always make sure that he is nowhere near the valet. This can be really bothersome for the customer.

VIP window stickers

You can put these stickers on your windshield. They are not like the ones used by office builds or apartments. These stickers have a RFID chip. When you pull up to the stand, all the valet does is scan the windshield.

Smartphone parking apps

Another trend that many companies are starting to adopt is the valet parking app. If you as a customer of a valet service want to exit the venue you are at, you will pull up the app, tap on the icon that shows you are ready to get your car. The valet stand will get the message and will have your car ready when you are ready to go. The disadvantage of this technology is that the adoption rates are very low because consumers do not like downloading apps that they are only going to use occasionally. When their phones run of space, one of the first apps to be deleted will be those that are not frequently used like valet parking apps.

SMS valet

This ticketless technology doesn’t require you to download an app or keep a card or have a sticker. All you have to do is give your number to the valet upon arrival. You will receive a text message with a live link.  When you want to leave the venue, all you do is request for your vehicle using the link. The valet attendant is notified to retrieve the car. The customer will have the car waiting for him as soon as he gets out of the venue.

Valet parking in Miami has evolved over the years because of the ever-changing technological landscape. Who knows what new valet innovations we will see next!