Valet Parking Equipment That Should Be Available At Your Event

Are you planning a high profile event that requires valet services? High profile events require professional services from catering to valet parking. You should make sure that every detail of your event is well planned to ensure smooth operations. When looking for valet parking in Miami, ensure that you hire a seasoned valet vendor who is well equipped to make your event a success. When vetting for the right valet company, check that they have the following valet parking equipment to ensure smooth flow of car parking and retrieval.

The valet podium

A valet podium creates a presence of authority and it is the main valet parking product for valet parking operations. Customers feel confident when leaving their cars with valets when they spot a podium. The valet podium usually has a locking compartment for storing guests’ keys. The professional appearance of the podium conveys the class and the competence of the valet company. Valet podiums are designed to withstand the harsh weather elements and are built with materials that are durable. The podium should be well designed to attract attention from a distance to offer directions to arriving guests.

Valet tickets


Without issuing valet tickets, managing a valet operation would be downright impossible. Valets tickets allow valets to identify and organize cars they park and the keys that get dropped off as guests arrive. Valet tickets are usually numbered and the numbers on the tickets match with the numbers on the key hooks in the box key or podium for easy identification. Seasoned valet companies use custom branded tickets to appear more professional which makes your event or party stand out.

Ensure that the tickets are printed on quality paper to avoid tearing. Battered tickets can make the whole process of retrieving cars a nightmare since it will be hard to identify cars. To make your event truly a unique experience, you should get a valet vendor who uses their company logo on the tickets. High quality tickets come in variety of size and colours to simplify the process of car identification.

Valet signs

Valet signs serve different roles for the valet parking operation. If the valet podium is not situated in an obvious location, these signs help to direct guests to the valet parking station. The parking station can also serve as a place guests can inquire about the event when seeking directions. You can assign a specific person to stand at the parking station to direct clients to the event’s hall to avoid confusion and holding the line to allow cars to be parked faster and more conveniently. Ensure that that the valet company’s signs are legible to offer clear directions to the parking station.

The valet umbrella

The valet umbrella is usually not a must among the valet parking products. However, it is an important addition if need be especially if it is raining during the event. The umbrella helps the podium to stand out and makes it easy for guests to identify the valet stand. If you prefer having a valet umbrella in your event, make sure that it is well branded and has bright colours to attract attention from far.

These are just the basic valet parking products that you should expect your valet company to bring along to take care of your event parking services. A professional valet company will also ensure that their members of staff are well trained and courteous to interact with guests in a friendly way. They should be smartly dressed in identical uniforms to make the experience look more professional. A professional valet company will also ensure that their staffs wear name tags for easy identification.